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Play & Stay Boarding
Because we do not offer traditional boarding,  all boarders must be active members of the Canines Unleashed daycare program in order to be eligible for the Play & Stay program. 

Our Play & Stay program is an extension of our daycare day.  While traditional boarding is sometimes stressful for your dog, staying here with people they already know and other dogs that they have probably already played with will alleviate some of that stress.  Of course they would still rather be home with you but our Stay & Play program is the next best thing to home. 

Dogs will spend the day uncaged in daycare during the day and for part of the evening and retire to our spacious "Condo's"  (52" x 46" ),  5' X 5' Kennels, or even our 20' X 10' Family suite. 

Overnight cost is $45.00 per night per dog. **
 * Daycare is included in this price. 
** No other discounts can be applied


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